Monday, 12 August 2013


Problem : "Connection Config Error" appear when starting the software by double clicking Indsoftms.jar flle


Solution : For sualuation this problem go to the ftp[] server (path://centralised indsoft/indsoft ms/db updater.rar)and download db updater.rar file extract file and run "Connection Config.bat" it will asking to delete some file you authorised him to do. and follow the normal procedure.
reboot your computer

if any kind of problem you got after doing this mail to me with your complete problem and error,if possible attached screen shots...thanks for being interested to read my blog to all mail id is- ""

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Net Protector is best for Centalised Indsoft

I use many of antivirus but i believe only on Net Protector internet security.this is best for Indsoft Ms,its operate without any slowness even at the time of scanning. and i advised to use only Net protector for your OS which have Indsoft Ms installed

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

If MIcrosoft site is not open

if Microsoft site is not open and a error shown that "no response: but other site running continuously .

the solution is here...

step 1> Go to start menu> RUN > type "services.msc" hit enter

step 2> find "DNS client" if it start then "Stop" or disable

now try to open the site which was not open

How to enter AC4 on centralised Indsoft

how to

Friday, 2 August 2013


अगर आप चाहते हो की आपकी सेंट्रलाइज्ड इन्द्सोफ्त  अपडेट न हो तो आप  ऍफ़ / टी / पि सर्वर से टेस्ट १  में दिए गए सभी तत्वों को नक़ल कर के आपकी कंप्यूटर के इन्द्सोफ्त MS  के folder के अंदर दाल दे। उम्मीद है की अपडेट दोबारा  चालू नहीं होगा, अगर किसी कारन वश ये होता भी है तो आप अपडेट कर दे , लागत समय से बोहुत कम समय में ये काम संपन्न हो जायेगा।

if you want to running your centralized indsoft without any update, because some time due to heavy traffic on ftp server its crash and unable to download the updates,for offline update you could download all the contains on test1 folder and paste to in Indsoft MS folder on your computer drive c/d/e/f or any drive which drive it installs,after pasting run your centralized indsoft ,if update still want simply update after pasting updates does not need was simple step to make your update clere and save your time


The new problem found in centralized indsoft,web booking or new connection booking(IVRS) not co-operate with to centralized indsoft.

For soluation of this HO release the WEB BASED INDSOFT Dialer(available on server's Test1 folder)

How to Install the Program ?

The downloaded file from the website will be a Zip File.
Unzip the files into the unzipped folder.

Click on the Setup.exe file in the unzipped Folder.  The set up will install the Dialer application on the computer.

The installation of Dialer application is complete. You will find a Short cut placed on the desk-top named Dialer .exe. Click on this icon to run the Dialer application.

When the application is run for the first time on a particular computer, the application will check the internet connection and Sybase database connection for that particular computer.

In case Booking are not downloading please do the following:

Replace “serviceD” file from setup folder to your system InfdsoftMS folder (Please make a backup file) and then restart the service named SQL Anywhere - IndSoftMS from service.msc (Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services).

Note:  If in case SQL Anywhere-IndSoftMS is not restarting then you will need to restart your PC.

Thursday, 1 August 2013


For installation of  indsoft ms you have a good quality of internet connection and virus free o.s(best windows xp sp2),if you want to without any trouble.
for installation indsoft ms just follow the step..

(for password concern with area feild officer or local IS)

1. Strict instructions to be given to Distributor through Sales officer that they should not do any transaction in Old Indsoft once the GDB is pasted in FTP.
2. Please check Go Live report through

2. Uploading of GDB by Field officer in FTP in designated folder a.
b. User id and Password : xxxxxx
c. Folder :CentralisedIndsoft
d.GoliveGDBàRespective State Office folder(eg.1100_DLSO)
After pasting GDB, mail should be sent to respective State Office IS group.
3. Programmes to be downloaded
Login in to FTP
User id and Password : xxxxxx
Folder :CentralisedIndsoftàxxxxxx
d.Filename (Always check download latest version)
Unzip the folder 

4. Installation Guidelines
Please deactivate the Antivirus (mainly Quick heal which will not allow to install the programmes) if any running in the PC as it will not allow creation of required files while installation.
I) I n s t a lla t i o n o f S ER V ER :

Run the following batch files as Administrator (right click and Run as Administrator. In case this option is not there you can Run the file directly)
i. ServerInstall.bat (only in Server Machine. Server and client will automatically installed in Server Machine)
ii. Following 2 DB files to be copied in IndsoftMS directory (D or E drive etc wherever software is installed) Folder :CentralisedIndsoft àConvertedDBàRespective State office Folder (eg.1100_DLSO)
a) DB File 1 : a Zip/rar file with file name X1_DistributorSAPcode (eg.X1_117579.rar) will be available in the above folder. Rename the DB File to X1.db if not renamed.

b) DB File 2 : a Zip/rar file with file name X1_ExtEnv.rar will be available in the above folder. Unzip the File (password “xxxxxxxxxx”) and copy in the Directory where IndsoftMS is copied . DB File name should be X1_ExtEnv.db only. This is a common file for all the distributors.

Note : Please download only X1 DB file pertains to your location. SAP codes mentioned at the end of this file.
iii. Copy IndosftMS.dll and IndsoftMS.jar files from installation folder if not copied.
II I n s tal l ati o n o f CL I E N T :
a) In Server Machine go to Command Prompt (C:\)
b) Type ipconfig (note down the IP address of the Server)
c) Click on ClientInstall.bat (in all Client Machines.) –
d) Type the Server IP address when prompted
e) These batch files will ask for a Drive to select. Select “D” Drive (other than “C” any drive)
f) Copy IndosftMS.dll and IndsoftMS.jar files from installation folder if not copied.
g) No other file should be copied into this folder.
(DO NOT COPY X1.DB AND X1_ExtEnv.db Client PC)
After installing the above, please restart the PC(important). The DB will start automatically when PC is restarted.
In case software is not installed properly, this error will come. The reason could be
a) X1.db and extenv.db might not have renamed. Check the same and rename.
b) PC user may not have administrative privileges to install software in C Drive. Coordinate with the hardwardware service provider to get the administrative privileges
c) Anitivirus might not have disabled before instllation remove the same.
d) Host file entry missing : check in Windows/System32/Drivers/etc – 

e) Open file name Hosts in notepad and check for the following entry. In case this entry is missing, add this entry in host file and save. IndsoftMS
e) In case all of the above are available, in the Startà run type the
following command
A list of services will display. Check for service SQL anywhere
IndosftMS . Restart this service. In case it does not restart or gives an error started and stopped, it indicates the software is not installed fully. 

e) As a last resort try the following command

In case software is successfully installed, it gives an message IndsoftMS service started successfully, if not it gives an error either IndosftMS service does not exist or error in starting IndosftMS. 

In such case, change the PC and install in some other PC
5. Go to IndosftMS folder (D or E drive etc) wherever installed, and double click on IndsoftMS.jar. The Centralised Indosft will start. Copy the shortcut to desktop
6. Initial login will be Admin and the password will be as per old Indosft.. The password length restricted to 8 characters. In case password length is morethan type only first 8 characters.
7. Instal the Remote Login Ammy Admin ID which is available under FTP à Centralised Indsoftà IndosftMSàRemote Login for providing Remote assistance by Sales officers/ IS department.
Guidelines for Starting the operations
1. EOD Operation: (check for the Date of application and if the date is not current date then only do EOD).
2. In case the application is running on previous date (check Application date on Main screen), perform EOD operation through using EOD login (LOCIN) Menu-àMainteanceàEOD.
3. EOD operation to be carried out through LOCIN Login.
4. While doing EOD, if any data transfer is pending to central Server, user has to ClickàMaintenanceàSync to Central Server till such time the entire data is synced Central Server.
5. All cash Memos beyond 48 hours to be cancelled. A list of cashmemos will display. Go to Admin Login, cancel the cash memos by Clicking Beyond 48 Hours check box.
6. EOD operation may take more than 5 to 10 minutes. Please wait till it completes. In case of any error messages, the same needs to be corrected and rerun the EOD operation.
7. In case the application is running on current date, perform the EOD operation at the start of the next day operation.
8. Please ensure completion of this activity by Distributor
9. Before EOD, update the Rate Master

10. Set the Cash memo Format Menu---File-àCash Memo Print set up on intial login. Find out from distributor what format they are using

(Single,2 per page and 3 per page.)
11. Find out from the Distributor their RSP (RSP, Vat, Discount etc) and update through Menuà Rate Masterà Product Rates for all the equipments indvidually. Cash Memo will not generate if rates are not maintained.

Important : Vat to be maintained for all the equipments/materials
(Mandatory). In case distributor maintains VAT for any material/ equipment, maintain the rate informed by the distributor, otherwise maintain 0 value.
12. Printers to be tested
13. Internet Connectivity to be tested
14. In case any error in Sync operation, the reason could the user ID not created in Central Server for the distributor. Contact SO IS for needful action.
15. In case of any problem distributor faces in operating the software, any errors in central transactions, distributor should post the problem through

Help-à Contact us àClick the Link to report problems to Help desk.
Any problem should be posted here only.
16. Sales officers to Login to IndsoftCMS and check the problems posted by distributor through Centralised IndsoftàCentralised Indsoft Solution Portal.
17. First Level support will be Sales officer to clarify the doubts of the Distributors and in case the same can not be resolved by sales officer Click à Referred to SO IS so that second level support will be given by State IS. IN case State IS is unable to resolve they will refer to HO IS.
18. In case of Urgency / Critical issues, mail the problem to